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Apr 25, 2017

1. Give to your partner. ”

giving will inspire

“2. Bring your highest self to the relationship.”

work on yourself

“. Challenge yourself to love your partner better. ”

look for was to be a better mate 

how can i improve

how can i love my partner better

“3. Be the spiritual leader. 

 thy God my God 

“5. Practice compassion. 

Sympathetic and suffering and misfortunes of others

“ If you are taking the high road, your response will be empathetic, not defensive, and will be about showing compassion for your partner, not defending your own behavior.”

when they are upset try to understand

“. Challenge yourself to love your partner better. ”

“6. Focus on yourself. ”

Apr 25, 2017

Success is more than making money

  1. People accept life as it is with all its difficulties and challenges
    1. The adapt to it rather than complain about it.
    2. Except responsibility for their own lives instead of bringing or making excuses.
    3. They say yes to life in spite of its negative elements and make the most of it, no matter what the circumstances.
    1. And look for the good in others and in the world, and usually seem to find it.
    2. They see life as a series of opportunities and possibilities and always explore them.
  2. Successful people develop and maintain a positive attitude toward life.
    1. They're sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
    2. They are considerate and respectful.
    3. They have a way of bringing out the best in other People.
  3. Successful people build good relationships.
    1. They set goals, accomplish them, and then set new goals.
    2. They accept and enjoy challenges.
  4. Successful people have a sense of direction and purpose they know where they're going.
    1. They see learning as a joy, not a duty.
    2. They continually enrich their lives by learning new things and improving themselves.
    3. They are always discovery, always growing.
  5. Successful people have a strong desire to learn: about life, the world, in themselves.
    1. They get things done because they are not afraid of hard work, and they don't waste time.
    2. They use it in constructive ways.
    3. They don't get into ruts or become bored because they are too busy looking for new experiences
  6. Successful people are action oriented.
    1. They know that honesty is one of the main ingredients in the character of a good person.
    2. They are consistently truthful and both your private and public lives.
  7. Successful people maintain a high standard in their personal conduct.
    1. They get the most out of life because they put the most into it.
    2. They reap what they sow.
    3. They enjoy life to the fullest.
  8. Successful people understand the difference between existing in living, and always choose the latter.